Medical internships with Save a Child’s Heart offer an opportunity for medical students to gain knowledge and experience that can help make a difference in the world.

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This is a two-week program (with a possibility of an extension with permission from the Save a Child's Heart doctors) where medical students shadow doctors, observe procedures and surgeries, and gain insight into how the Israeli hospital system functions.

The main components of the internship include observing: surgery in the mornings, the free Palestinian clinic on Tuesdays where Palestinian children are screened and receive follow-up care, catheterization on Wednesdays, and a meeting of Save a Child's Heart doctors on Thursday mornings. They can also observe rounds in the ICU and the pediatric surgical wing, where Save a Child's Heart patients recover after surgery.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and positions are offered on a rolling admission basis. Only students who are currently enrolled in a recognized medical school will be considered.

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Interns are responsible for food, health insurance, and a cell phone while they are in Israel. With our move to the Legacy Heritage Children’s Home for Save a Child’s Heart, it is now possible to request accommodations at the SACH house ($100/week), but otherwise medical interns must arrange their own accommodations. There is a cost to the program of $200 per week.


The Hospital

The hospital is a Hebrew-speaking environment, but all of the Save a Child’s Heart doctors speak English (though this is not a given with the other medical personnel). Interns will be met on their first day by a Save a Child’s Heart staff member or volunteer and will be given a tour of the Wolfson Medical Center and introduced to some of the doctors. The internship provides you with an excellent learning opportunity with doctors, who despite being extremely busy are more than willing to share their knowledge. We also highly recommend that interns take the time to come and visit the Children’s Home, where half of our patients reside before and after their surgeries.

Application Process

Step 1: Submit online application
Step 2: Email resume and 1 recommendation letter to
Step 3: Once all documents have been received and reviewed by the doctors, you will be notified
Step 4: Interview with Young Leadership Director



In this small global village that we all share, we must care for our own children as well as our own neighbor's, no matter how near or far, for we are all one people and neither geography nor prejudice should impede us

– Dr. Lior Sasson,
Director of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery WMC