Interns gain professional experience by working with the staff in the Save a Child's Heart's office in Holon, in addition to spending time with the children and mothers.

Are you looking for a medical internship?


If you are interested in working behind-the-scenes, learning more about Save a Child’s Heart from a non-profit perspective, and are looking to gain professional experience, then take a look at our different internship opportunities below.

Interns must be available for at least 2-3 months, and must cover their own airfare, room and board, and transportation.

We also have a medical internship program for students who have completed at least one year of medical school.

Office Internship

As an Office Intern at the Save a Child’s Heart office in Holon, your main role will be to support the staff in an administrative capacity. Although you will have some tasks that require spending time around the children and mothers, your priority as an Office Intern is on the back-end of house operations. Tasks include keeping the photo database up to date, conducting interviews and writing up profiles on all of the children, and other necessary office work. To apply to be an Office Intern at SACH, please send your CV to

Social Media Internship

The Social Media Intern at SACH is responsible for keeping all of our social media up to date and raising awareness for the organization via online channels. Tasks include posting daily on our Instagram, Snapchat, and other social networks in order to maintain our online presence, as well as other marketing work. To apply to be a Social Media Intern at SACH, please send your CV to

Volunteer-Plus Internship

As the Volunteer-Plus Intern, your role will be primarily in the front of the house with the children, mothers, and volunteers. The Volunteer-Plus Intern is responsible for overseeing all of the children, making sure clean-up proceeds properly and the playroom remains organized, planning unique events and activities for the kids, and assisting with other tasks. To apply to be a Volunteer-Plus Intern at SACH, please send your CV to

Medical Internship

As a Medical Intern at SACH, you will be able to interact with our doctors and patients at Wolfson Medical Center and learn first-hand about the life-saving work that our medical team does every day. It is recommended that medical interns stay in the house during the duration of the program. The program is 2 weeks, and costs $200 (USD) per week plus an additional fee of $100 (USD) to stay in the house. To apply to be a Medical Intern at SACH visit our medical internship page.



In this small global village that we all share, we must care for our own children as well as our own neighbor's, no matter how near or far, for we are all one people and neither geography nor prejudice should impede us

– Dr. Lior Sasson,
Director of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery WMC