The children we treat and their families are housed at the Legacy Heritage Children's Home during their time in Israel. It is a warm place filled with laughter, where often the only common language is a smile.

The Legacy Heritage Children’s Home opened in October 2011. The modern, light-filled building is located at 16 Haviva Reik Street, a quiet residential street in Holon, about 15 minutes’ drive from the WMC. It houses SACH’s administrative offices, as well as living quarters for 60 children, mothers, nurses and medical professionals in our training program. With common dining and lounging areas, a play room, a large communal kitchen and accommodation for volunteers and medical interns who come from across the world, the Children's Home serves as a home away from home for children undergoing lifesaving heart procedures.

We often get asked by visitors if they can bring something for the children. The answer is YES. We ask that you bring enough for ALL the children so no one gets upset and that you coordinate with the staff to distribute it! Great items to bring include: lollipops, bamba (Israeli snack,) chocolate, bubbles, stickers, and arts and crafts supplies.

VisIt the Children's hOme

We host group visits, family visits, bar and bat mitzvahs and more.

If you are interested in visiting the children's home you can contact us at leadership@saveachildsheart.com




If the world was more like the SACH House, the world would be a better place.

– Kim edwards, former volunteer