Mackenzie Beallor


This past summer, I was incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity to volunteer at the Save a Child's Heart Home in Holon. Throughout this experience; I was able to see firsthand the positive impact SACH has on all the children, their families, as well as medical professionals. Pursuing this opportunity enabled me to gain invaluable knowledge, enhance my social values and develop a greater passion for working with children and families in need.

When I first arrived at the SACH home, I was welcomed with open arms and beaming smiles as the children ran with excitement to the gate. From that moment forward, I spent time with many amazing children getting to know them individually and ultimately strengthening our relationships. This time enabled us to build and further strengthen our communication and bonds. Though there was a language barrier between myself, the children and their mothers, the time spent together gave us an ability to communicate through facial expressions and hand motions. This was beyond rewarding for me as I initially feared how I would be able to connect with the families. Though after my first visit, I felt as if we were all speaking the same language.

Oftentimes, I would forget that these children were sick; as the warmth in their constant smiles, laughter, and energy illuminated the room. This emphasized each child and their mother's appreciation for SACH. When children returned from the hospital, either after an operation or check-ins, the SACH community welcomed the families with love and care, with immense sensitivity to each child's circumstance. This stood out for me and allowed me to appreciate my role at SACH and further involve myself in this outstanding organization.

I am exceptionally grateful to have been given the opportunity to volunteer for SACH, and connect with families and volunteers worldwide; building on my passion for working with children and families in need. Save a Child’s Heart provided me with fundamental skills and invaluable knowledge which will translate into my future endeavours and beyond. I was heartbroken to leave and am looking forward to connecting with SACH again in the near future. Thank you SACH, for giving me the most incredible and meaningful summer!