Mickael Goldschmidt


Joining SACH definitely was one of the best experiences of my life. I decided to take a gap semester in my career, and I still can't think of a better place to do so. Far away from the screens and the digital industry, I enjoyed one of life's simplest pleasures: seeing children laughing.

Before coming, I didn't know what to expect. I thought the children would be out of shape, potentially sad. It was completely the opposite! From day one in the house, I was amazed by the amount of smiles I saw and laughter I heard.

I would also like to highlight certain connections with children or their mothers. I am thinking, for example, of Wilma and her mother Nelly, both from Gabon and speaking only French. By breaking down language barriers, I was able to feel useful very quickly. This became even more true when I accompanied Wilma to have an MRI at the hospital and translated the instructions from English to French.

I feel extremely grateful for this experience, if you read this and have any doubt on "should I join this charity for a few weeks / months ?" just do it, I give you my word you won't regret it.