Ben Simon

United Kingdom

I started volunteering at Save a Child's Heart with the hope of being able to make a different in other people's lives and helping those that need it, to the best of my ability. Currently being on a gap year, I felt my time out of education was best spent with Save a Child's Heart.

The charitable organisation allowed me to take on a role in which I had the privilege of spending time with children from all across the world. My goal was to provide them with a sense of relief and respite during what is certainly an incredibly tough time for them.

The experience, on top of allowing me to provide care for those that need caring for, also helped fulfill me. Making a positive different, while simultaneously seeing the direct benefit to the kids gave me an unmatched sense of reward.

On a personal level, while working at SACH, I was applying for medical school (and have since heard positive news). My time at SACH reinforced my desire to be a part of the medical field immensely. Seeing these children come to the care home so very poorly, yet be afforded the opportunity to undergo the treatment they need through SACH is something which really highlighted how precious the intervention of medicine is. The children underwent their treatment, came back to recover and it was almost as if they'd been rejuvenated. Being around this first-hand filled my heart and instilled in me a burning desire to make that difference.

From Spending time with children in the home at which they stay through treatment; doing even simple things such as arts and craft, playing football, even with barbies at times (despite being an 18 year old boy), volunteering with SACH allowed me to make these children that little bit happier and comfortable regardless of them being so far from home.

Throughout the entire experience, I got closer with the children and created a bond with each of them that meant more to me than I can really explain through words. I encourage anyone who has the time, to invest their time in creating such a bond all the while providing care alongside it.

The memories I created whilst at Save a Child's Heart are ones that I will always cherish, and ones that will stay with me as I navigate my way through both my medical and personal trajectories.