September 3, 2021

Lewis Runs for SACH, Again

On October 3, Lewis Nelken will run the London Marathon for Save a Child's Heart. When last year's marathon went virtual, Lewis was undeterred and although injured, walked the entire 26 miles through London independently in support of the organization. This year, the race is on and so are Lewis' running shoes. Read his story below and support his efforts at

Lewis in last year's virtual marathon

We sat down with Lewis to learn more about his 26 mile journey and his hopes for the future.

How did you first become involved with Save a Child' Heart?

I first became involved in SACH when my friends were on the committee and I attended a few events in London. I thoroughly enjoyed the events and learned a lot about the charity and the incredible work that is done.

Why did you decide to run for Save a Child's Heart?

After visiting the center in Holon in December 2019, and seeing the children and their families, I felt like I needed to do something to support this incredible place. When I was told there was a space to run the London marathon I jumped at the chance. I enjoy challenging myself and felt like this was definitely a cause worth putting myself through blood, sweat and tears for!

Lewis' impactful visit to the children's home inspired him

Can you tell us about your experience running in the virtual marathon last year?

I walked the Virtual marathon last year as I was injured and couldn’t run. It was a cold, windy, wet and lonely experience and am definitely hoping that this year's will be more enjoyable! Whilst walking through a 26 mile route in London visiting members of my family, seeing the donations coming through inspired me to push on and get to the end.

Lewis visited family and friends along the run
It may sound silly but every single donation inspires and encourages me to put another foot in front of the other as it makes me feel like people have faith in me to finish the marathon.

What is your hope? What inspires you?

My hope is that my marathon inspires people to donate to SACH and that together we can save more lives, train up more doctors and nurses in more developing countries. I also hope that by telling my friends and family about SACH, they will develop a greater awareness of the fantastic work that is done and donate too.

We wish you good luck, Lewis!

On October 3, 2021, Lewis completed the marathon, raising an incredible £5700! Reflecting on his experience, Lewis wrote:

I was given the opportunity back in January 2020 to run the London Marathon for SACH and after 21 months, the date finally arrived! It was a mild and sunny day which are perfect conditions and I had friends and family spaced throughout the course, who I was extremely excited to see. The crowd was supportive, loud and cheering me on throughout and towards the end of the run, I was incredibly reliant on their support! Towards the end, my legs and feet were in agony but that enticed me to finish sooner - so that it would finally be over! After crossing the Finish Line at 4 hours and 4 minutes, I saw how many donations had taken place whilst I was running and I reflected on the enjoyable run, and the huge pain I was now in, knowing that I had raised so much for such an incredible cause. It was an emotional and unforgettable day and I am so thankful to my friends, family and colleagues for their generosity.