Ivory Coast

Zeinab's parents waited 13 years for a child. Then they found out she was born with a life-threatening heart condition.

Zeinab is the first child of Iman and Kone. Her parents waited 13 years for Zeinab and when she was born they were thrilled to welcome their daughter into the world. Unfortunately, by three months old, they knew something was wrong. Zeinab was short of breath, had a rapid heartbeat, and she wasn’t gaining weight. Kone brought her daughter to the hospital in Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast, where they are from. There, the cardiologist identified Zeinab’s heart condition. She was born with several holes in her heart. More than that it was clear that Zeinab would require surgery to survive. The family was told to consider options in Europe because of lack of access to care locally. 

“When I found out my daughter had a heart condition, I fell apart. I burst into tears, asking myself how she could be treated.”
Zeinab at the Wolfson Medical Center post-procedure

A lifeline came when Zeinab’s case was chosen along with five others from her referring institution to come to Israel. Through Save a Child’s Heart, with the support of Mitrelli, Zeinab and her mother arrived in Israel in the fall of 2020 for her life-saving heart operation. After an initial diagnostic catheterization, Zeinab underwent life-saving heart surgery at the Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. 

Zeinab and her mother at the SACH Children's Home

“I couldn't be more happy that my daughter is receiving surgery here in Israel. At home we couldn't afford this life-changing surgery. SACH has given us a chance to change our lives. It is a dream come true that Zeinab will have a normal life like every other child.”