A four-year-old girl from Ghana who received treatment in Israel now dreams of becoming a nurse.

Known as 'Empress' by her family, Daniella is a four-year-old girl from Accra, Ghana. At two years old, Daniella suffered from fevers. Initially, the doctors diagnosed her with malaria and she was admitted to the hospital. When she did not improve with treatment for Malaria, the doctor referred her to a different hospital for an echocardiogram.

Daniella at the Wolfson Medical Center

After a three-hour drive, Daniella arrived at Akaihouse Hospital and was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect known as Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF). TOF is a combination of four heart defects all present at birth. It affects the structure of the heart and results in oxygen-poor blood flowing from the heart to the rest of the body.

Daniella traveled to Israel with her mother in September, 2020 and underwent open heart surgery. Her family knew she'd have to come back for a followup procedure. In 2022, Daniella was brought back to Israel by her father, Joshua, for her second procedure to save her life. 

In April, 2022, Daniella underwent two life-saving cardiac catheterizations at Save a Child’s Heart International Pediatric Children’s in Holon, Israel.

Daniella speaks three languages - English, Wali, and Gagari - and is smart beyond her years. When she grows up, she dreams of becoming a nurse because of the special care she received from the nurses here in Israel. Daniella is a bundle of energy and fun. The Save a Child’s Heart team is grateful that she will continue to flourish and thrive.

Daniella and her mother at the Children's Home