May 31, 2023

Save a Child's Heart Extends Lifesaving Treatment to Eswatini, Marking the 69th Country Benefiting From Life-Saving Treatment!

Save a Child's Heart, has once again extended its lifesaving treatment to children in need. This time, two children along with their mothers have arrived from Eswatini, marking the 69th country where the organization has provided life-saving treatment.

The recent arrival of two children and their mothers from Eswatini exemplifies our commitment to reaching children in need around the world. Eswatini, a small landlocked kingdom located in Southern Africa, becomes the 69th country to benefit from the expertise and care provided by Save a Child's Heart.

These children and their mothers have traveled a long way, seeking a second chance at life. Save a Child's Heart will now provide them with the necessary medical evaluations, treatments, and post-operative care to improve their cardiac health and enhance their overall well-being. Our team of highly skilled medical professionals will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcomes for these brave young patients.

One of the children, Liyabonga or Liya as his family calls him is a 6-year-old boy from Mbabane, the capital of Eswatini. He is an only child and his mother tells us that they are extremely close. His father is currently studying in Rwanda while his mother is a teacher. When Liya was 3 days old his mother noticed he wasn't breathing properly. Liya was diagnosed with VSD. Eswatini doesn't have a solution for children with heart conditions - Liyas mother was devastated as there was nothing she could do to save her only child. Liya's mom told us "Finally, my child will be able to play with the other children without getting tired so easily. I'm so grateful to SACH and all they have done for my family."

Liyabonga and his mother at the Children's Home

Snothando (Sno), the second child from Eswatini, has successfully undergone life-saving open heart surgery. The skilled medical team at Wolfson Medical Center in Israel ensured that Sno received the critical treatment he needed. Currently, Sno is on the road to recovery, showing promising signs of progress. While recovering at the children's home, Sno has made many friends from other countries! He loves playing with building blocks with volunteers and participating in art projects. Sno is usually the first smiling face any visitor sees when entering the SACH house. We spoke to Sno's mom who told us, "I am glad. I feel alive. It’s like a new beginning if life. Having my child being like other children, and about to go back home. He is my one and only child. I thought I was going to loose him. Having to wait such a long time until we received help. I can’t believe it. I want Sno to grow up and become a man who will treat people in sympathy, like he was treated and saved. I am speechless. I thank Save a Child’s Heart for giving me hope, for saving my child, and for recognizing Eswatini, such a small country, and giving our children a second chance to live."

Snothando at the Children's Home before his life-saving procedure!

As Save a Child's Heart expands its reach to Eswatini, we reinforce our commitment to making a difference in the lives of children worldwide. The tireless efforts in the field of pediatric cardiac care, along with the support of our dedicated team and generous donors, continue to bring hope and healing to children in need, one country at a time.