November 1, 2023

SACH Pivots to Render Aid to Israeli Casualties and Released Hostages

As an Israeli humanitarian aid and global health organization, Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) is heartbroken and outraged by the October 7 attacks on innocent Israelis. During these challenging times, we’re responding to wartime emergency needs, while still treating children from developing countries.

Founded with a mission to provide vital cardiac care to children from around the world, SACH is presently channeling our efforts towards supporting emergency medical needs, working closely with Wolfson Medical Center and the Sylvan Adams Children's Hospital to treat casualties and freed hostages.

Several of SACH’s trainees – medical professionals from around the world who come to Israel to receive pediatric cardiology training – have chosen to stay in Israel and work alongside dedicated Israeli doctors rendering aid to Israelis affected by the war.

One such doctor is Dr. Adam Goldstein, Head of Trauma at Wolfson Medical Center, who in his daily work treats some of the oldest Holocaust survivors in Israel. Dr. Goldstein shared why his team’s commitment to all Israelis and rendering compassionate care is so important.

"We treat one of the most difficult populations in Israel, one of the oldest populations that has one of the highest numbers of holocaust survivors, very diverse economically, and culturally,” Goldstein shared. “They really need help. They don't have the ability to have all the choices in healthcare, so it's our job and our obligation to give them the absolute best care we can. They deserve the best just like anyone."

In the face of these trying times, the resilience and dedication of organizations like Save a Child's Heart and individuals like Dr. Goldstein offer a beacon of hope. They remind us of the power of collective action, and the incredible strength of the human spirit when driven by compassion and commitment.

SACH is also urging our community around the world to support Wolfson Medical Center and Sylvan Adams Children’s Hospital so they can buy much-needed medical supplies and equipment.

Despite everything, SACH's commitment to providing essential cardiac care for children around the world remains unwavering. With continued support and generosity, we can all play a part in helping provide life-saving care to those who need it most. So let us come together and support SACH, a true embodiment tikkun olam. 

Together, we can make a difference and help save a child's heart. Donate now to our urgent needs campaign.