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Bring SACH to campus and raise funds and awareness for children with heart disease

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There are so many ways to be active on campus for Save a Child’s Heart. Whether you already have an established SACH club, or are interested in starting one, our young leadership staff would be happy to help you. Contact us to get started.

From tabling, to bake sales, to hosting speakers at your school, there are endless ways to educate your classmates about Save a Child’s Heart and fundraise to support saving lives. 

When you sign up as a SACH club, our young leadership team will send you physical and digital marketing materials and follow up with ideas and helpful tools to support your efforts along the way.

Start a Club

We are thrilled to welcome you to this global network of student leaders. SACH Clubs promote our mission of improving access to life-saving cardiac care for children around the world. As a SACH Club member,you'll raise funds and awareness to create an impact on the lives of children suffering from heart disease.


Get Started

To register your SACH Club as an official club at your school, you’ll need to get started by researching the requirements to become a new student organization. The process is different at every school.To find out what steps you need to take at your school, visit your school website, ask an administrator, or talk to someone else who has started a club in the past. SACH can provide club charter examples for you as well.

If your school will not recognize you as an official club, you can still start a PoP Club with your friends and community outside of school.To register your SACH Club as an official club with Save a Child's Heart, you'll create a fundraising team for your school by contacting your local SACH office. Your school’s SACH Club fundraising page is where you will track your fundraising progress and your impact.

To ensure your club's success:

1. Form your leadership committee

2. Recruit members at a club fair or through other campus events

3. Structure your club so that every member actively participates, whether through planning events, serving on the host committee for large events or committing to a personal fundraising goal to help the club reach its team goal

Other Ways to Bring SACH to Campus

Already part of a club or campus organization that wants to work with SACH? We're happy to provide materials, fundraising support, access to speakers and more. Please contact us to get started!