Move Your Heart Out

Are you ready for a challenge to help children with heart disease?

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Do you like to push the boundaries of your physical limits? Or just enjoy getting your body moving and your heart pumping?

Whether it’s a fitness class with a few friends or the New York City with 50,000 other runners, we are here to help you use your passion for moving to help save a life. 

Sign up as a team or as an individual to start fundraising towards your goal. Get started by connecting with your local SACH office. Contact us today.

Sweat for SACH

Move Your Heart Out is an initiative that brings together your passions for running, cycling, dancing, spinning or just about anything that makes you move to save lives.


You can do anything to save a life!

Run a marathon in your home city or join a SACH team and raise enough to save a life.
Host a spin class and compete as fundraising teams to double your impact.
Organize a yoga, zumba, HITT or other cardio class for cardiac care.
Set a personal challenge - bike across the country, hike Mt. Kilimanjaro or walk the Appalachian trail.

Whatever you do, we're here to help. It only takes a minute to set up a campaign. After you've set up your personal fundraising page, SACH will provide you with the tools you need to success. Then, go ahead and spread the word and see what a difference you can make.

Contact us to get started.