Meal That Heals

Hosting a Meal that Heals helps increase awareness about the life-saving work of SACH and we're grateful for your participation!

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A Meal that Heals is a dinner party or communal meal of your choosing that connects guests to the children of SACH and to each other.

Kula in Swahili means food, and at the SACH Children’s Home, we are always excited for Kula Time, when the children and mothers eat together and everyone is invited to join them at the table.

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When you host a meal that heals, a SACH staff person will send the materials necessary to host a meal that is both meaningful and educational.


Food is an important part of our community at SACH

Food brings us closer together in a shared experience. So, we want to bring you into our community by sharing a meal together and sharing some stories of the children that have been saved by SACH.

Ready to host a Meal that Heals?

We're compiled ideas  to get your started.

1. Host your meal at a restaurant, student center or your home. Or, create a variation on the dinner theme and host a cooking class with a local chef or a cookoff using recipes from the Children's Home.

2. Seek out partnerships with individuals (chefs, event hosts, foodies, goodwill ambassadors) and groups interested in global health, medicine, inter-cultural activities, Israeli humanitarianism and, of course, food!

3. Our staff will send you a series of children's profiles(see sample below) and recipes from the Children's Home to share with guests. Red or heart-themed decorations add a nice touch!

4. We can help you connect with a recent volunteer or visitor to the Children's Home or a SACH team member who can share their experience.

5. We will also provide plenty of information to inform your guests and spark conversations.

Add a fundraiser to save more lives!
You can ask guests to the meal or host a fundraising event such as a silent auction, challah bake, shabbat-o-gram or candy-gram sale side-by-side to raise funds.

The most meaningful part of hosting a Meal that Heals is sharing the stories of the children saved by Save a Child's Heart. When you sign up to host, a member of our staff will send you up to ten different children's profiles (like the one below) to share with guests. Place one card at each seat and encourage guests to share the details of the child in front of them with the table.


Contact us to get started.