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Host a private screening of the riveting documentary film, A Heartbeat Away, the story of an Israeli pediatric cardiologist who is sent to Africa to diagnose children with heart disease in Tanzania, where every day, five children die from heart conditions.

Have a look at the film's trailer here.

We'll provide you with the tools you need to make your film screening a success, including materials to share with your audiends, ideas for fundraising and updates from Tanzania about the current state of pediatric cardiac care.

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A Heartbeat Away is a film produced by independent Israeli filmmakers, which follows SACH doctors on a medical mission to Tanzania and the story of one boy, named Julius, who requires heart surgery in Israel to save his life.


Get Started

1) Designate a chairperson for the event who can be in charge of making executive decisions through the planning process. Recruit as many friends, family and community members as possible to your event committee, but make sure that there is a core group of people responsible for the main planning components of the event.

2) Use this opportunity to build relationships in your community that can last far beyond this event. Invite partners that can lend credibility and promote your screening to their own audiences too.

3) Set your time, date and find a venue. Once it's all set, notify SACH and we will provide you with your personal event page, flier and invitation. We will also list it on the SACH website.

Depending on your location, SACH can help you find a local professional or representative to speak at your event. You may also want to consider local cardiac care professionals or global health workers to offer their expertise.

4) Encourage your committee to hit attendee goals. Invite community members, educators, and neighbors . You can also include faith leaders in your community, government officials, local health professionals. reporters, bloggers, and parents at your school. To gain maximum awareness, we encourage social sharing on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram channels.

5) Gather and hit play. SACH will provide the film's link for you to stream.

Ready to get started?

Contact us and we'll connect you to your local SACH representative to get started.