30 Mar

Too Good to Passover


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Passover, Food and Cooking - all common threads weaving memories and senses together. Are you always looking for new recipes to serve during the week of Passover?  Then join us as we learn from chef, author and culinary instructor, Jennifer Abadi. RSVP HERE.

On a mission to preserve familial and communal recipes, Jennifer brought it together in her new cookbook Too Good to Passover.  Sharing some of her stories from the Sephardic and Judeo-Arabic communities of Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, Morocco, Syria, Uzbekistan (all countries represented at Save a Child's Heart) and how these recipes tie traditions and cultures together, creating memories of home.  These memories all around food are part of the SACH experience as mothers all come together sharing recipes and meal preparation in Israel at the SACH House communal kitchen.  

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