Chad Becomes the 64th Country to Partner with Save a Child’s Heart

Children from Chad Get a Chance at Healthy Hearts

Save a Child’s Heart partners with countries around the world to help children in urgent need of cardiac care. In March, 2022, Chad became the 64th such country. We held a clinic in N'djamena, the capital of Chad, together with Israel Flying Aid. Dr. Gili Yaeger Yarom, an Israeli doctor, examined 20 children with heart disease.

A Journey from Chad to Israel

During the clinic, Save a Child’s Heart determined that three of the children would need care they could not access in Chad.

Save a Child's Heart worked with Israeli Flying Aid, Israel's Agency for International Development Cooperation in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Menomadin Foundation to bring the children to Israel to undergo life-saving heart surgery they did not have access to in their home country.

The three children underwent surgery at the Ida Cabakoff International Pediatric Cardiac Center.

A girl dreams of running
and playing

Bienvenu, age 9

Bienvenu lives in N'Djamena, the capital of Chad. She attends grade four and her favorite subject is gym class. Sadly, Bienvenu can’t participate in most gym classes because of her symptoms. After experiencing chest pain and a recurring feeling of breathlessness, Bienvenu was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect (VSD) at the age of three.

"When we left Chad for Israel, she could not do sports or run around like all the other kids. Now, she is recovering at the children’s home and already playing with other kids here from around the globe.
We are very thankful for Save a Child’s Heart.”

–Bienvenu’s Mother, Honorine

A chance to return to school

Abaker, age 9

Abaker is a nine-year-old boy from N'Djamena. The third-born child of seven siblings, Abakar hasn’t gone to school for over two years due to his heart symptoms, which include coughing and breathing heavily due to his pulmonary stenosis (PS). For seven years, Abaker’s mother has been desperately searching for help for her son. Now, Save a Child’s Heart and our community are doing our best to help him and his family so that Abaker can return to school and live a healthy life.

A future without headaches

Abdraman, age 14

Abdraman, from N'Djamena, lives with his entire family of twelve together in one home. Abdraman doesn’t go to school much due to his illness. When he was seven years old, he had recurring headaches so his mother took him to be checked by a doctor. Abdraman was diagnosed with mitral regurgitation (MR). Now, Save a Child’s Heart hopes to help Abdraman.

Mission of the Heart Marks New Era in Chad-Israeli Relations

After the successful surgeries, the Director General of Israel's ambassador to Chad and Senegal, Ben Bourgel, instructed the professional staff in the Ministry to expand coordination with Chad on medical issues and other areas of shared interest between the two countries.